Good morning so this post was requested quite a lot of time so first is my apartment tour in Hong Kong now this is I’ve already done one apartment tour but that was for my old apartment in the Chung Quanto region at the apartment name was called Louis Park.

So if you’re interested in a previous video I think it’s like one of my first videos it might be the first one so you can go take a look there if you’re interested in living off Hong Kong Island and in a more quiet area where I’m living now is the complete opposite and I’m so happy to be here I am living in the center of Mong Kok.

If you haven’t been to Hong Kong before Mong Kok is on the Kowloon side and it is basically in the heart of the action so I will do a video tour and then I will talk a little bit more about how to find an apartment in Hong Kong.

So let’s get this apartment to start my apartment is quite small as you can see this is my bedroom the windows are a lot like this in Hong Kong they have these things over for your washing I believe it is maybe so robber can’t rob you I’m not sure this is the view this is a typical view of Mongkok.

The old buildings merged with all the apartment buildings we are about 20 20 21 floors up now with this apartment there is cooling no heating, of course, it is a Hong Kong apartment this room fits a double bed a quite a very small couple as you can see it’s very small and my suitcase fits up there moving to the bathroom.

I’m sorry it’s not tiny either so you basically walk in there’s a day of the basin are you sorry it’s foggy too because I’ve been in the shower this is the water cool and now you must turn the cooler on about 20 minutes before you want a shower and the toilet is here it’s far enough away from the shower area that you’re basically not standing over the shower.

This is the living area space is basically I’m standing at the front door this is a pretty big it’s a pretty big space for a Hong Kong apartment I guess it’s enough space for a TV there’s a cupboard there’s a probable two-seater couch there and of course the dehumidifier.

This is our small table area so as you can see it’s two people and very quite small as a small bench here and then this is the kitchen sorry again it is not tidy so I’m just standing out of the kitchen there’s enough space for a wait until the light comes to enough space for an I guess that’s a medium-sized fridge.

The washing machine is under there working outside the door please don’t stop me if you know what apartment buildings are your basic hopefully you didn’t see the number your basic apartment it comes with the double door for security.

Of course, the lift is right there so that is the whole apartment this is a two-bedroom apartment, and as I said it is smack bang in the center of Mong Kok so we are really lucky on location it is 16,000 Hong Kong dollars so it is a two-bedroom apartment as you saw my room that I’m in right now is exactly the same as my flatmate’s room cost of the rent does not include any cleaners.

There is however a full-time security guy in the common area on the ground floor downstairs where all the mail is delivered and it’s just like a small walker with a key I know the utility prices in Australia are really high so compared to where they’re really really quite low here my last apartment did have a clubhouse.

There is also a mini restaurant and playgrounds and things like that for children and so many outdoor and indoor pools but this apartment as it’s in the Ennis as it’s in the inner-city and it’s quite an old building due to its location that there are there’s no extra facilities or services like that.

With the apartment, it’s just basically your apartment and your mailbox downstairs and the security guys just add in that album and are fully furnished that was already a fresh-water thing cupboards beds everything like that we basically just needed to buy some extra cutlery things that we wanted like a blender and also like dinner and pillow and things like that so basically it’s ready to walk in and live in.

Okay so I’ve just opened my laptop and I will show you guys the website so the first one is Craigslist HK and here you can find a list of apartments and so many buildings in all different areas on the island off the island new one chai so that looks like a really good website and the prices are really really competitive see this is once only 10,000 for a one-bedroom flat in one choice so that’s on the island okay so the next one is Asia ex-pat.

With an ex calm but it has a list of lists like this and the prices look quite well as well there’s definitely this one’s definitely a very very new on the island apartment next place you can look is geo ex-pat now that’s really good for ex-pats wherever you live this is the Hong Kong site you like basically classified ads but online for ex-pats in different cities this is Hong Kong.

One need to be all over the area so here’s Discovery Bay here but he’s Soho here on the island so that looks like there’s a lot of the flats there as well as private Wednesday so onto another side though I find Facebook is so good for everything especially networking finding out information and of course finding an apartment so the first group finds your room in Hong Kong.

With almost 16,000 people some spaces and of course will introduce yourself or take a look at the rooms for rent and the next one is Hong Kong apartments for rent this one has about 10,000 people now the next one is Hong Kong roommates for apartments.

This one looks like old share flats this one’s almost 3,000 members but some of the prices here are so inexpensive and the last one is found an apartment and studio flats in Hong Kong and it’s got oh it just got over five four thousand members if you want a little bit more information about living in Hong Kong you can head to my website I did a post about a year ago.

now that was my s Pat lives with you so that was a one-year review but it’s about a year old now and I wrote about how to get bigger the visa process my life in Hong Kong what’s work culture is like here what the schooling is like the hours what housing is like the metro information food and shopping how I save money things like that and the environment.

So if you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen this picture but this was my old apartment and these two photos are taken two weeks apart so that was so this is an example of a super clear day and this one obviously down here is a super smoggy day you do not see heaps of days like this but you do see the memory now and again if you also are thinking of moving to Hong Kong but you’re not sure about living in such a congested area you can check out where I live last year which was off the island and out of the city I lived in lowest part so that’s the area that I live last via the apartment was very like brand-new pools and gyms and bars so I’ve let down