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Good morning, everybody. I’m currently coming to you from my bathroom um sorry if there’s a little echo, but the house is a complete disaster, and I feel like just having this, this is kind of like a seashell finish It’s sparkly, I feel like this is a good opening- background maybe because if I opened, you guys will see later, but I’m currently in my very very messy bathroom In my new apartment, which I first off want to mention that this is a temporary place for us We can’t move into the one we’re buying just yet So we’re gonna be staying here for a little while like a few months or something I don’t know, I’ll keep you updated Everything is kind of up in the air at this point.

Taikoo Place

So the reason why we chose this place in Taikoo Place, near Quarry Bay, is because it’s in a quieter area It’s quite big, big enough for us.

We have one office, which I can work in, one-bedroom, and then one big closet and most importantly it came fully furnished, so we didn’t have to buy stuff We could just move in because we want to get everything new and in our actual home like our Long-term home that we own, so, so yeah a lot of the decor is definitely not our taste I’m not gonna do a house tour right now because it’s a complete disaster, but Yeah, you’ll see They’re like French style isn’t really me but Psychiatry chair

What dream did you have last night?

I dream that I was working out with Victoria’s Secret model And she was telling me what to eat and what to do for a workout and then I don’t know why but- subconsciously I stretched out my legs, I guess and I woke up with a Taikoo Pad and it was like it reminds her of nothing like Victoria’s Secret model!

This is making my mind worse, you’re a bad psychiatrist Okay come over here, I would like to show you my collection of lamps. We got lamp number one, lamp number two, lamp number three. All in the same, what- 50 centimeters? I feel like she’s doing something like Stanger Things?

I don’t know why, why we need three lamps in one area, and what is this?

Why do we need spotlights for our feet? Why are there so many lights in here? We have a lot of lamps- but that is like dirty and molding or something, like all the white, one in there, the one in our bedroom, they all have these stains We have an assortment of- Fake, fake plants with dangling balls. We’ve got a lot of fake plants everywhere, and then we’ve got some- naked statues with like, pointy like Just keep, keep her here.

This is big, I’m in the bedroom right now, this is a big um shoe closet, and it looks very Chinese style, and I really like that Well what can I show you, this is my messy bathroom, and I just want to say we have no hairdryer yet So if my hair looks really greasy today, it’s because it is. And in this bathroom, there’s actually no plug There’s only one for a shaver, so I have to do my hair in my office probably But there’s no mirror there.

There’s only a mirror here, so Yes… Last night, we got in at 6:00 p.m. Started unpacking a bit, got dinner um went to the grocery store, and then we showered and I went straight to bed So I don’t want to wash my hair So it wouldn’t be soaking wet when I slept, and then, yeah just now I don’t have a dryer One thing I’m definitely feeling is overwhelmed We have tons of boxes and stuff to unpack, but we don’t have like hangers to hang clothes And we didn’t have any like cutlery or water or plates and bowls, so Everything is kind of waiting because we need to go out and do stuff today But it got to be too late last night we went to do it um I also really love this closet, look how big this closet is.

So all of our boxes are literally all over the floor right now. Rosie is really happy here It’s so weird She loves it because there are no stairs here, so she can follow me pretty much everywhere and then the floor isn’t slippery anywhere like our house but she immediately became super happy and is checking everything out when she’s usually like more- quiet and scared and there’s like a big grass area and lots of dogs living here so she can like run really happily and meet other dogs She’s very happy Aren’t you? And you had a nice chicken dinner last night Yeah!

This is our kitchen area which is quiet, empty at the moment here in Taikoo Place.

So the plan for today is to go and get stuff done. I made a list like you saw this morning We need to get Rosie stuff first probably and maybe that some of the electronics um like hairdryer and stuff, and then my boyfriend has a meeting so I’ll come back here and there’s a food delivery because the grocery store is about a 15 minute walk and you have to walk 15 minutes uphill on the way back, so everyone here just said it’s easier to just order, to eat delivery especially all the heavy stuff like water So that’s gonna be delivered between 2:00 and 3:00, I believe So I’m going to come back here for that and then we’re gonna go to Ikea Get all the stuff we need especially hangers and then I can finally unpack all these boxes and like get the closet done because most of them our closet stuff and the office stuff, and yeah, so that’s a plan I’ve mentioned it before but this thousand-year-old egg is my favorite dish This is with vegetables and garlic and the soup It’s usually not this vegetable, but that vegetables not in season, but this is on James Corden’s- ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts’ game show every, almost all the time He always has this thousand-year-old egg, but it’s actually so delicious The name sounds terrifying, but if you try it, it’s not actually a thousand years old It’s just the way they preserve it.

It has this really nice flavor, and it’s a little bit salty. It’s so delicious Alright, we’re now inside Muji because I really like their bowls and plates I love all the wooden stuff so I might get some stuff here instead of Ikea first Feel hungry again.

Babe Busy day So now, now, unfortunately, we can’t go to a __ where we want to go to get light balls and electronics and the groceries we have to rush back home because my boyfriend has a meeting at 3:00 And I really need to make a Hong Kong SIM card so that I can have contact with people when I’m not inside the house and then we’re gonna do all this stuff later and I really want to finish this closet so I can get all the boxes off the floor but I also really need to edit I haven’t had a video up for you guys in a few days but at the same time, I just want to get my life organized because I know like when I’m editing I’m just gonna be thinking about all this stuff I need to do A part of me wants to just get everything done And then I can focus on YouTube properly.

I’m back home now I’m gonna start putting the hangers in the closet, start hanging everything so that we can get most of the boxes cleared out Well, my boyfriend’s at his meeting. I didn’t end up going to get the SIM card cuz I feel bad to leave Rosie home alone all day She’s there I think she’s- Yeah, it’s a new place, so I think rather than that I’m going to stay here with her for the next couple hours and do this I’ve been the worst vlogger today since I last saw you guys, it’s been many hours, a few hours now Like four or five maybe.

I did a quarter of the closet, and then um I went out and met my boyfriend at Ikea. We got everything there, and then we went to Where do we go next.. um, iron and then we got groceries, and we got some little bits and bobs to snack on for dinner and now we’re heading back home now is after seven I’m so, so so so so tired I’m sorry this is such bad vlog It’s just been so hectic and my vlogs will be back to normal and I’ll starts to show you guys more around Hong Kong and- more about daily life and stuff, very very soon Just give me, like next week to like really settle down.

Things are getting delivered, everything needs to be unpacked so Yeah, it’s busy and stressful but I think we will be back to normal soon I think I’m back home now. I’m just setting up our dinner here One of the good things about eating really late and going to the grocery stores late here- is you can get everything at almost 50% also, so it’s fifty Hong Kong dollars now It’s thirty so we’re having, I already got into this sushi cuz I am so hungry It’s a salmon sushi, this is tofu and some vegetable, this is mushroom and broccoli this is vegetarian meat and this is- zucchini and tofu these are some like , octopus thingies So we’re just picking up that and we’ll probably put on a youtube video or something I just wanted to show you guys some of the stuff I got today, most of it is being delivered tomorrow or next week especially from Muji But since we want to have some plates and stuff to eat with, we grab these wooden bowls and these really big wooden plates, and then I got Rosie’s little plate Spoons and chopsticks, these are the same ones I always use in Japan and then from Ikea I got these mugs which I think look really cozy I like the colors together; grays and whites, and then like they’re like all textured And then these glasses, and I love these bowls it looks like knitted hearts.

They look so cozy So I’m going for gray tones here cuz our house is quite She put a lot of grey and silver and then they have their Christmas stuff at Ikea and it’s so so cute I grabbed these plates and bowls There are two styles each, this is for a candle. I probably will put somewhere on a table somewhere I need to go back because there are so many Christmas things that I want buy grab these first so now I’m just gonna shower and then probably trying to unpack a few more boxes before I head to bed I’m gonna end this vlog here. Tomorrow I’m actually getting together with Kimdao She’s in Hong Kong right now with her boyfriend So I’m gonna meet up with that, I’m meeting him for the first time and I’m gonna take them around Hong Kong So it’s more be going out and you’ll see more stuff around Hong Kong, so please look forward to that I will see you guys then Thanks for watching, goodbye

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